Dustin and Barry's StraddleTrader Pro training webinars yesterday BOTH hit full capacity, so if you tried to login to the webinar room and saw the error message below, then we apologize, but you can still register for one of the few remaining webinars.

They are holding more today, tomorrow, and Saturday, but you gotta move quickly by clicking this link:

Lock in Your Training Webinar Seat Here

I am not surprised at all by them filling the webinars. From what Dustin showed me of the StraddleTrader Pro software, I think they could fill 
ten or more webinars, easily! After all, the major features of this strategy and software are what every trader has been dreaming about:

-Making huge profits in seconds
-Very little understanding of FOREX market dynamics is required
-Absolutely no technical analysis is required! 
-Market direction is totally irrelevant now with this strategy and software
-Allow you to trade in just minutes a day with a high degree of success
-Two years of actual profits and proof (REAL results: no back-tests or 
junk like that)

Check these recent comments Dustin just sent over:

*Larry F:Made over 50 pips on AUD last nite. Another 18 pips today using Straddle
* Nick from NY: +19 pips in 58 seconds and +54 pips, total in only 20 minutes. 
* Phil: I’ve used straddle 4 times now and have had 4 winnings trades
* Patrick P: I got in with straddle with 116.69 made 50 pips the pattern formation
* Ivelin: Your STPro system is amazingly successful. So far 2 trades, both of them on +.
* David: Just made 290 pips on my first trade! Awesome:)
* Dodders:My first live trade today – a nice load of pips!

Lock in Your Training Webinar Seat Here

* Michael: Made 30 pips on the PMI!
* Steven: excellent first trade aud/usd - out with 22 pips in profit.
* Ed H: Got about 35 pips on AUD CPI with straddle
* Michael T: straddle 58 pips
* Scott W: looks like about 48 pips on straddle
* Mohsen S: we took it a buy and we made 40 pips

As you can see this strategy works, and this webinar will lay it all at your feet.

P.S: If you haven't yet downloaded your complimentary copy of StraddleTrader Pro , you still have time - you'll see the links to that once you've registered for the webinars.

I hope you got a chance to read that article and download the StraddleTrader Pro news trading software that I have been telling you about. If not, it's OK, you're not too late, you still can plus 
more good news today:

LINK to Training Videos, Watch Now

Dustin Pass has released the demo videos and training videos he promised,  which show you how to implement this cool software in your own trading  practice. No optin is required to watch, so hit this link now.

Why should you? Simply because it makes money fast, requires very little market knowledge (so it's perfect for beginners) and because they are giving it away at no-cost, and who doesn't want that?! Oh, and it 
eliminates the need to guess which way the market is going to go in the future!

Oh, and it has a two year track record of working like gangbusters, but  they didn't release it until the win:loss ratio was well over 8:1, which is astoundingly good.

Don't wonder what this is about, and certainly don't stand on the sidelines while everyone else makes money with it, just click the training link and get informed. Remember, ALL of it is totally complimentary!

LINK to Training Videos, Watch Now

Good news: because of my connections, I can get you StraddleTrader Pro AT NO COST, but it's only available at no cost  for a few days, so download this now from this very special link:


This thing is awesome: after two years of testing, my colleague Dustin Pass just released this new Expert Advisor that is exclusively for cashing  in on news trading, so you'll definitely want to get your hands on it.

This has never been released before except to a very small group, and most  traders have never heard of this awesome strategy, but it works like a charm! This offer IS NOT open to the general public, so don't miss your shot.

This baby allows you to safely trade during news releases periods when the  market moves the most (keep in mind there will always be some risk but they  are making great income from this EA).

Plus, Dustin promised to release training videos and installation instructions  so you know how to use it, those are coming in a few days, but for now just  be aware that the software was created to put you into the market in the 
right directionno matter which way it goes, so you don't have to guess ever  again!

Grab this software, then let me know what you think. Make sure you use this  special no-cost link:


The Straddle Trader Pro 2.0 news trading expert advisor software was created by Barry Battista a trader – programmer and the well-known trader Dustin Pass. The Straddle Trader Pro 2.0 is a high speed news feed that is integrated with the Expert Advisor which algorithms and custom indicators are based on the Straddle technique. The Expert Advisor is to monitor multiple news release feeds in order to make news-based trades that will move you beyond intuition through data-laced wisdom and lead to informed based action.  In other words make in it easy for you to make money...

Few years ago  Dustin Pass and Barry Battista decided that news trading is a great place to utilize the Straddle technique, that they were both fascinated from its simplicity, because you can be positive that the price of the currency pair is going to change when significant news occur. This is where the Straddle Trader Pro 2.0 strategy comes to play. The idea is that the Straddle Trader Pro software will enter a Buy Stop and Sell Stop order as close to the release of a major news announcement as possible, preferably with a second or less to go before the publication. This means that setting such a pair of entry points will be a guaranteed payout for you; by setting two entry points you can be positive that one or the other will be activated. The cost of setting such entry prices will be more than made up for by the fact that one of them will payout and more than make up the cost. Only should the news event be strong enough will the order be placed by the EA. As soon as the news data is released, the system will check to see if there is enough variance between the expected and the actual figures to cause a sharp movement in the currencies and if not, it will remove any placed pending orders.

The smartest strategy for this straddling technique would be to also set realistic exit points. This is because of the fact that when you trade the news, markets can move extremely quickly. If you do not have a good exit point set, by the time you close out the trade, the market may have already corrected itself and all of your profits that you first realized might be gone. A good straddle trader is aware of this fact and will have all of their bases covered in order to guarantee a great payout.

The Straddle Trader Pro 2.0 is a proven Forex Trading Strategy that requires absolutely no market knowledge.

  • You Don’t Have To Know Why The Market Is Moving In Order To Make Money.
  • You Don’t  Have To Know Which Direction The Market Is Going To Go.
  • You Don’t Need To Install, Understand, Or Interpret Any Fancy Indicators
  • Over Two Years Of Fine Tuning, Testing, And Profit Making Have Gone Into This Strategy, Designed To Eliminate Any And All Guesswork From Trading
  • This Strategy Is Easy And Anyone Can Do It.
  • It Simply Does Not Matter Which Direction The Market Moves, You Will Profit Either Way

All you need to do is learn how to use Straddle Trader Pro 2.0 to dominate news releases! Ideal for traders who are new to straddle trader pro and who want to become proficient fast! Master the art of placing straddle trades to make market direction irrelevant!

Test Drive Straddle Trader Pro 2.0

The Straddle Trader Pro 2.0 is a high speed news feed that is integrated with the Expert Advisor which algorithms and custom indicators are based on the Straddle technique. The Expert Advisor is to monitor multiple news release feeds in order to make news-based trades that will move you beyond intuition through data-laced wisdom and lead to informed based action.  In other words make in it easy for you to make money...

  • Learn How to Use Straddle Trader Pro to Dominate News Releases.
  • Ideal for Traders Who Are New to Straddle Trader Pro and Who Want to Become Proficient Fast.
  • Master The Art of Placing Straddle Trades to Make Market Direction Irrelevant.

' It is also a misconception that you will start making a lot of money instantly. Even if the bot produced profits on a daily basis (which by the way, will never happen), you still have to limit trades to a fixed percentage of your betting bank, otherwise you will find yourself having no control over trading stakes. It is always best to start small, get the mistakes out of the way while it is cheap to do so, and when your stakes increase, you will have learnt enough from your mistakes to save money. '

Dustin Pass

Test Drive Straddle Trader Pro 2.0

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