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Straddle Trader Pro 2.0 a News Trading Expert Advisor Software

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The Straddle Trader Pro 2.0 is a high speed news feed that is integrated with the Expert Advisor which algorithms and custom indicators are based on the Straddle technique. The Expert Advisor is to monitor multiple news release feeds in order to make news-based trades that will move you beyond intuition through data-laced wisdom and lead to informed based action.  In other words make in it easy for you to make money...

  • Learn How to Use Straddle Trader Pro to Dominate News Releases.
  • Ideal for Traders Who Are New to Straddle Trader Pro and Who Want to Become Proficient Fast.
  • Master The Art of Placing Straddle Trades to Make Market Direction Irrelevant.

' It is also a misconception that you will start making a lot of money instantly. Even if the bot produced profits on a daily basis (which by the way, will never happen), you still have to limit trades to a fixed percentage of your betting bank, otherwise you will find yourself having no control over trading stakes. It is always best to start small, get the mistakes out of the way while it is cheap to do so, and when your stakes increase, you will have learnt enough from your mistakes to save money. '

Dustin Pass

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